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Residential Services

Our residential services for boys (ages 11 – 18 years) consists of long-term programs (6 mo. or longer) and an emergency shelter care program (less than a month).  Youth may be placed here by state or private welfare agencies, or by school districts.

Our program is involved with all aspects of youth care which include social, academic, maintenance, and independent living skills taught by trained staff in a loving, caring, “family” environment.  School settings are determined at an initial staffing required by the local school district to determine an appropriate educational setting.  When necessary, the youth also receive medical, eye and dental care, counseling, and psychological evaluations.  In the long-term settings, youth obtain specialized care to assist them in learning alternate social behaviors to replace problematic behaviors.  The goal for the youth is to enable them to succeed in a less structured environment.


The LIFT Program for supervised independent living at the Catholic Children’s home was established in July of 1993 to prepare residents for successful self-sufficient community living through a structured curriculum of basic life skills.  Full-time staff are available to provide teaching, support and supervision for up to 20 male residents between the ages of 17 and 21.  Staff are available on a 24-hour basis.

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