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Catholic Children’s Home

Commitment to Fair and Equal Treatment


Catholic Children’s Home is a recognized religious organization whose mission, policies and programs are directed by the social teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and applicable canon law.  These teachings clearly support the respect of human lift and the fair and equal treatment of all people regardless of individual differences.  These moral values are enumerated in statements contained in the Catholic Children’s Home Code of Ethics.  Specifically:


“We will identify ourselves to the pluralistic community as a means by which Catholic Children’s Home sees to fulfill its social mission.”


“We will see to realize in action the virtues of charity and justice in all relationships with staff, volunteers, the people served and the larger community.”


“We will acknowledge and support the right of all people to set and pursue their own life goals, within the limits of the common good, whereby they can freely enter into participation with others to fulfill their common human potential and contribute to the building of a more humane community.”


“We will collaborate with other individuals, groups and social agencies on issues, policies and programs which are compatible with a Judeo-Christian value system, in the interest of achieving the fullest measure of charity and justice.”


It is the policy of Catholic Children’s Home to represent these values in all personnel practices.  Through compliance with the Equal Employment Opportunity Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act, Catholic Children’s Home is committed to insuring equal opportunity and consideration to all applicants and personnel without regard to race, creed, color, sex, national origin, age or disability.  This includes all employment related activities such as recruitment, hiring, training, promotion, compensation, transfers, layoffs and terminations.  The agency maintains compliance with all applicable local, state and federal requirements.


On an annual basis, the agency submits a work force analysis report to the DCFS Office for Affirmative Action for review of compliance with licensing standards.  Personnel statistics from the prior year are provided utilizing EEOC categories.  Aggregate data for new hires, promotions, suspensions, discharges, etc. is contained in this report.  In addition, on an annual basis the Executive Director reports to the Corporate Board on personnel activity information and employment patterns.  This report includes any survey information from clients, employees, volunteers or Advisory Board on their perceptions of the agency’s equal employment opportunity practices.


The Corporate Board may authorize affirmative action planning to remediate any perceived deficiencies or develop a necessary response to culturally defined personnel needs as determined by the composition of the agency’s service populations.  Specific strategies will be developed by this agency to address the issues identified by the Corporate Board.  Specific affirmative action plans will be presented to the Corporate Board for approval and the authorization of necessary resource allocation.



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