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Special Education School

The Catholic Children’s Home Special Education Department provides year-round educational and therapeutic services to students ages 5 through 21 who, due to a variety of social, emotional and/or educational difficulties, have been unsuccessful in public structure and who need intensive, individualized educational and therapeutic services, experience social and academic successes through the Special Educational Department Program. 

The Catholic Children’s Home Teaching Model for Behavioral Development serves as a cornerstone of a social skills curriculum.  Students learn the skills necessary for successful educational and social experiences while academic and therapeutic needs are being met.  Students who benefit from the program may share one or more of the following characteristics:

• History of failure in school
• Social immaturity
• School avoidance
• Unpredictable, explosive behavior
• Depressed, withdrawn, avoidance behavior
• Need for constant attention from adults and peers
• Poor relationships with adults, peers and siblings
• Inability to accept corrections, change or praise
• Ongoing difficulties with traditional academics
• Learning disabilities, developmental delays, speech-language disorders and/or other health impairments

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