Champions of Hope

Dear Friend,

At what point does a child's life become worthless?  This seemingly absurd questions is a focual point for the daily work that is done at the Catholic Children's Home.  For over 130 years, the Catholic Children's Home in Alton has served as the diocesan orphanage providing a safe harbor for generation after generation of children in desperate need of compassion and intervention.

Since 1879, the childre of CCH have always come to us scared, confused, lonely and angry and desperately wanting to live in a loving and functional family.  The children of CCH have aways come to us reluctantly and distrustful.  The children of CCH have always come to us needing food, shelter, medicine, education and counsel.  Since 1879, the children of CCH have always come to us needing to be shown the love of Chist and to be treated as a child of God.

The children of CCH come to us today from broken homes; oftentimes with broken bodies, and always with a broken spirit.  Their lives are in perpetual turmoil from the constant abuse and chronic neglect which has been their daily reality.  Many have no parents and most others have only one parent who is incapable of caring for them.  All of them express a sense of worthlessness.

For decades, CCH has provided children in need with a home, a school, food,clothing, medical care, counseling, and the loving heart of Jesus who said, "Suffer little children come unto me."

As we recognize National Child Abuse Awareness month, I am asking you to prayerfully consider a donation to the Catholic Children's Home.  Please support our efforts to continue the compassionate legacy of caring for the "throwaway kids" in our diocese.  At what point does a child's life become worthless?  When we allow it to happen.  Thank you for your kind consideration.


​Michael Shelton-Montez

CCH Administrator

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